15 Pet-Friendly Restaurants In The U.S.

There are few things better than sharing a delicious meal with someone you love. But what if that someone is your four-legged friend? Unfortunately, not all restaurants welcome pets, especially not the best nyc food carts. We believe those that do deserve a special shout out, so check out this blow out list below of 15 pet-friendly restaurants across the United States.

Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar: West Coast

This list couldn’t be made without mentioning Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar. Not only is Lazy Dog pet-friendly, but they treat your four-legged friends with the same courtesy as their human patrons. They even have a dog-friendly menu featuring options like plain grilled hamburgers, plain chicken breasts, and brown rice.

There are 19 locations on the west coast and dogs are welcome at every restaurant. However, there are rules: your dog must be on a leash, they’re not allowed on tables, and they must use their best manners!

Coconuts Bahama Grill: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

At Coconuts, you can enjoy everything from seafood to grilled jerk wings, all while spending quality time with your pooch. Many patrons have even reported that the wait staff will bring your furry friend a water bowl when they come to take your drink order. You’ll likely want to find a table outside by the water where there’s more room for your pet to relax. You can rest assured that both you and your pal will be well taken care of at Coconuts!

Katy Trail Ice House: Dallas, Texas

Folks around the Dallas area have reported that Katy Trail Ice House is their favorite place to grab a bite to eat with their pet by their side. Dogs of all sizes are welcome and because most of the dining area is outside, it’s a great place to relax, eat, drink, and enjoy time with friends, both human and animal!


Barking Dog Luncheonette: New York, New York

If you live anywhere near New York City, the Barking Dog Luncheonette may be your new favorite place to visit with your furry friend. Not only are dogs welcome at outdoor tables, but their loaded menu has something for just about anyone.

Belltown Pub: Seattle, Washington

The only thing better than a cozy pub is one that lets you bring your dog with you. At Belltown Pub, you can enjoy entertainment like shuffleboard, board games, billiards tables, and more. Their menu includes favorites for both you and your four-legged friend. What truly sets Belltown apart is that behaved, leashed dogs are even allowed inside for dinner so you’re not forced to sit outside.

The Morrison: Los Angeles, California

There’s no place quite like The Morrison when it comes to giving your pooch the royal treatment. Dogs are truly given special service! If you order off their “Doggy Menu” your pet will receive a silver serving tray with a variety of bones. The service can be enjoyed year-round on the patio. Don’t worry, the human food is delicious enough to make you want to come back so go ahead and order a beer and enjoy the meal with your favorite furry friend.

Lokal Burgers and Beer: Miami, Florida

If you want to love the food just as much as you love the environment, Lokal Burgers and Beer in Miami, Florida is a must on your list of pet-friendly restaurants. Lokal turns to local farmers in Florida for all their products, which may be why their burgers are considered the best around. They use only grass-fed beef, local fish, and free-range chicken. Dogs are welcome on the patio  to enjoy one of two options from the dog menu: a meatloaf or chicken and rice. You can even order them a “Bowser Beer” so you can say cheers with man’s best friend.

Watering Bowl: Denver, Colorado

The Watering Bowl in Denver, Colorado has become quite the hot spot for pet owners to dine and drink. Along with three bars, there’s a dog-friendly patio as well as a large dog area that features pools for the dogs, picnic tables, and buckets of tennis balls. You can even host a party for your dog, no matter what the occasion! Did I mention there’s even grooming available? While you munch on tasty bar food, your furry friend can have an absolute ball!

J. Christopher’s: Savannah, Georgia

You’d be hard-pressed to find a restaurant more dog-friendly than J. Christopher’s in Savannah, Georgia. Here, dogs are served just like their human friends. It’s the perfect place to enjoy breakfast or lunch with your best furry friend! Dogs enjoy scramble-style meals served in doggie bowls with a bowl of water while you get to chow down on some breakfast staples of your own.

Mutts Canine Cantina: Dallas, Texas

Mutts Canine Cantina may be the best place to take your pet thanks to a 200 seat patio and one acre dog park. Their menu is complete with favorites for both you and your dog to enjoy. You can even share dessert with your pet! Go ahead and bring your furry friend here to enjoy the doggy pools and more. Good luck trying to decide who will have more fun!


Morristown Deli: Morristown, New Jersey

At Morristown Deli, you can spoil your pup with doggie booster seats and high chairs to allow them to eat at the table with you. Your pet will also be given its own water bowl and a delicious meal you can order off the Doggie Menu. If you’re wanting to enjoy a meal on the town with your pup, Morristown Deli is the place!

Rita’s On The River: San Antonio, Texas

You can bring your dog to Rita’s on the River in San Antonio because more than half of their tables are dog-friendly. They even offer locally made dog treats, doggie ice cream, and more on their special menu. Plus, each pup gets a free water slushy while the restaurant donates a portion of the proceeds toward a local animal rescue. Does it get any better than that?

The Dog Bar: Charlotte, North Carolina

In case the name didn’t give it away for you, The Dog Bar in Charlotte is a great place for humans to enjoy a drink while their pet wanders off-leash in the large outdoor play area. The play area even includes splash pools! Dogs are even welcome to sit inside in the bar area, but you’ll want to make sure your pooch is well-behaved because no one likes a spilled drink!

Sail Pavilion: Tampa, Florida

Located on the Tampa Riverwalk, Sail Pavilion is a fun and friendly place to bring your pet. They offer water bowls, clean-up stations, complimentary treats, and a special menu for your furry friend. Where else can you enjoy a beautiful view and delicious food, all while your pup enjoys their own smoothie?

Lucky Lab Brewery: Portland, Oregon

The Lucky Lab Brewery in Portland has an entire section of their restaurant set aside just for dog and dog owners. Their outside patio is open but covered and features 20 picnic tables where you and your pet can sit. Enjoy a cold beer and some tasty food with your buddy by your side!